Wildwoods Community Farm

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About Wildwoods Community Farm

Wildwoods Community Farm is a gathering place for connecting to the land, fostering friendships with neighbors, and a source for natural, fresh food. Located on 4 acres in Chapel Hill, NC.  

 Wildwoods is a cooperatively owned farm which means it is owned and run by a small group of local individuals and families.

Farming:  Wildwoods supports local farming and beginning farmers by providing opportunities for experience and beginning farmers to live and work on the farm.  Internships and wwoofing experiences are available during growing season.

Fresh Produce:  Wildwoods raises an abundance of fresh, natural produce each season and the cooperative owners getting fresh produce and support the farm by purchasing a produce box membership. Produce is harvested only when it is naturally ripe, enjoy chemical free goodness from a local farm!


Events: Planting Seeds

Enjoy planting seeds and taking care of the seedlings in the Greenhouse from January to March.

Event: Spring Mulching

Once a year we do a grand Spring Mulching. Placing mulch on all the garden beds and pathways.

Event: Build Days

Volunteer and help during the farm's build days. We take on a different build project each year from Gazebo's, chilcken coops, tools sheds to tiny houses!

Own the Farm! Enjoy Your Private Farm Park.

Wildwoods Farm welcomes families, individuals,  children, and groups to participate in ownership in the farm. There are only a very limited number of cooperative ownership shares available to ensure the farm stays small for all the owners to enjoy.

Produce Boxes Available:  As a farm owner you have access to your own farmer! You will get  local, organic, produce. Click Here for More Information.