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Do you wish you could eat some amazing, fresh-picked produce that is seasonal to your area? Are you interested in supporting agriculture in your community?

Spring/Summer 2022 CSA Season runs for 20 weeks from April to August

Application deadline for spring/summer is due March 15

Fall 2021 CSA Season runs for 8 weeks from September to November

Application deadline for fall is due August 15

We will send enrollment confirmations, payment and pickup reminders and recipes by email. Share slots are sold on a first-come-first-served rolling basis until the program is full for the season.

Applications after these deadlines will be prorated. Pick up will be Tuesdays between 4-6 pm.

With a Produce Box membership you get a weekly box filled with healthy, fresh, organic foods that are directly from a farmer.

Buying a Produce Box Membership,) is a popular way the community can support a local farmer or community garden. The local residents buy a “share” of the weekly produce that the farmer will produce in the growing season. Every week the member gets a weekly box of full of produce. The member can choose from one month to the entire season.

What we grow ?

The produces boxes are also known as a CSA: Community Supported Agriculture.

Benefits: The member gets healthy, chemical free produce that is locally grown and fresh while supporting the farmer is buying the seeds, soil and supplies necessary to produce the crop. Everyone wins!

Advantages for members:

  • Enjoy a Weekly Box of Fresh Produce
  • Eat natural fresh food raised naturally and full of vitamins and flavor.
  • Experience new vegetables and new ways of cooking
  • Enjoy visits to the farm and special member events
  • Develop a friendship with the farmer who grows your food
  • Learn how food is grown
  • Support local farmers and a local healthy food system
  • Children get to experience and grow-up with an understanding of how food is grown

Advantages for farmers:

  • Get to the funds that are needed to buy soil, seed and supplies for the season
  • The farmer is ensured a stable income from the foods, allowing the farm to thrive
  • The farmer gets to know the individuals, families and local residents who become a part of the farm family


Only a limited number of boxes are available so sign up early.

Here’s an example of what you might get in your produce box:

Number and quantity of items are based on farmer’s market prices of each item during that growing season. The produce box will contain 5-10 items or more depending on the box membership.  Wildwoods grows the majority of the food for the produce boxes and will also partner with other sustainable natural farms to provide a fun variety of items such as berries, apples, nuts, and pumpkins to ensure an abundant enjoyable produce box each week.

Local, Chemical-Free Produce; Monthly Payment Plan can be made before the start of season with final payments due by April 2022.